Scottish National Qualifications – SCQF Levels and Timelines

A guide for Universities to the new National Qualifications

A guide for teachers and lecturers to the new National Qualifications

Further Education SEV Report 2013

icon IAR 2013 HN VG 338 FE (31.11 kB) – this report for the area includes the PDAs Teaching in Further Education and the PDAs have now been updated to reflect more closely the updated Professional Standards (2012).

HN and VQ Internal Assessment Report 2012 (21 May 2013)

icon HN & VQ assessment 2012 - SQA (190.83 kB) – The purpose of this report is to provide feedback to centres on verification in Higher National and Scottish Vocational Qualifications in this subject.

Qualifications are Changing (21 February 2013)

Qualifications are Changing Leaflet

A Guide for Colleges to the new National Qualifications.

Strategic Review of Learning Provision

The Right Help at the Right Time in the Right Place. Strategic Review of Learning Provision for Children and Young People with Complex Additional Support Needs – The Scottish Government – 13 November 2012

Behaviour in Scottish Schools 2012 (5 October 2012)

Behaviour in Scottish Schools 2012 report by The Scottish Government.

Revised SCQF Level Descriptors (3 October 2012)

After a lengthy period of consultation and review, SCQF are delighted to announce that the SCQF Partnership Quality Committee and Board of Management have approved the revised SCQF Level Descriptors.

Level descriptors are fundamental to the SCQF. The SCQF Level Descriptors describe in broad terms what learners should be able to do or demonstrate at a particular level. Within an integrated framework, these level descriptors provide a common vocabulary to assist with the comparison of qualifications and learning programmes.

Scotland's Digital Future

'Scotland’s Digital Future – Delivery of Public Services' published by the Scottish Government – 19 September 2012.

Coaching (6 July 2012)

Coaching as a Key Component in Teachers’ Professional Development – Although based in early years setting the skills are transferable across a range of work contexts.

JISC Publications (26 June 2012)

Effective Learning in a Digital Age:  is an effective practice guide that explores ways in which institutions can respond flexibly to the needs of a broader range of learners and meet the opportunities and challenges presented by lifelong learning.

Enhancing practice: Exploring innovation with technology in further education is a short guide that explores how ten colleges in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland (SWaNI) and England are using technology to continue to deliver high-quality learning and achieve efficiency gains despite increasing pressure and reduced budgets. 

Developing Digital Literacies is a briefing paper that provides a snapshot of early outcomes the JISC Developing Digital Literacies Programme and explores a range of emergent themes including graduate employability, and the engagement of students in strategies for developing digital literacies.

Crossing the Threshold: Moving e-portfolios into the mainstream is a short guide which summarises the key messages from two recent online resources, the e-Portfolio Implementation Toolkit, developed for JISC by the University of Nottingham, and five institutional video case studies. This guide and accompanying resources explore the processes, issues and benefits involved in implementing e-portfolios at scale.

Extending the learning environment is a briefing paper that looks at how institutions can review and develop their existing virtual learning environments. It offers case study examples and explores how systems might be better used to support teaching and learning,  improve administrative integration or manage tools, apps and widgets.

SCQF – My Skills My Future

SCQF – The updated SCQFold for Learning, created in partnership with Skills Development Scotland

Aspect Report – Essential Skills (September 2012)

An aspect report by HM Inspectors on behalf of the Scottish Funding Council.  Essential skills in Scotland’s colleges – 21 September 2012

New Qualifications Mythbuster

SQA have developed a New Qualifications Mythbuster to answer a range of questions raised about new National Qualifications for schools, colleges and universities.

Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges (March 2012)

Initial Teacher Training/Education standards for Lecturers in Scotland's colleges – Refresh 2012.

MCMC Toolkit

The MCMC Toolkit is intended to support colleges in identifying, sharing and developing effective practice in relation to the MCMC agenda.

Teaching Scotland's Future

Teaching Scotland's Future – Report of a review of teacher education in Scotland.  The Report setting out the findings of the Review of Teacher Education.  PLDF Scotland are to respond to the review expressing disappointment that the College sector does not have a presence.

GTC Presentation (February 2012)

Gillian Hamilton, GTCS was in attendance at the February PLDF where she provided a comprehensive overview of proposals for Teacher Professional Reaccreditation. Gillian also made a relevant signpost to proposed development work in Professional Standards for Teachers.

View the icon GTC Presentation February 2012 (3.65 MB)

SQA announces new Appeals Service for Qualifications (January 2012)

Major changes to SQA's Appeals system.

Curriculum for Excellence: transformational change or business as usual? (December 2011)

Download - this paper engages in a critique of CfE, and proposes a process by which practitioners may make sense of and enact the new curriculum.

Enterprise and Youth Employment (November 2011)

The Smith Group and recommendations for the Scottish Government focusing on young people not in education, employment and training. View the report.

E-Safety and Safeguarding Resources (November 2011)

View E-Safety and Safeguarding resouces on the Scotland's Colleges website. View the JISC RSC news feed.

CKRespect Resource (November 2011)

Nine out of ten people with a learning difficulty have had the experience of being harassed or bullied.  CKRespect is a free online resource for adults with learning difficulties to learn about bullying, their rights and what to do about bullying. Common Knowledge have created an innovative  photostory tool which is used to demonstrate  issues around keeping safe, reporting a hatecrime, bullying at work, college and cyberbullying.

Lifelong Learning UK The Sector Skills Council for Lifelong Learning (November 2011)

A report on: icon A Technical Analysis of National Occupational Standards for the Lifelong Learning Workforce (152.27 kB).

Twitter in Further Education: Social Media Principles (October 2011)

View report.

Using Twitter in University research, Teaching and Impact Activities (October 2011)

View further information.

Technology Outlook (September 2011)

NMC Horizon Report: Technology Outlook: UK Tertiary Education 2011-16 (September 2011)

The Technology Outlook for UK Tertiary Education 2011-2016 reflects a collaborative effort between the New Media Consortium (NMC) and the JISC Innovation Support Centres, CETIS and UKOLN.

PVG Guidance Booklet (September 2011)

View the PVG Guidance Booklet.

Education Scotland (September 2011)

Education Scotland publishes a report examining the contribution of self-evaluation to internal review processes in Scotland’s colleges.

View the report.

Tips on Retention (TOR) (September 2011)

Tips on Retention is a practical tool for educators to increase their student's retention. It is funded as a Leonardo da Vinci partnership project.

HMIE Aspect Report (August 2011)

'Preparing learners in Scotland's colleges for employment or further study'

View online; PDF publication.

One College's Essential Skills Journey (August 2011)

Ayr College shares a strategy for essential skills development and the potential this journey has for a sector wide professional dialogue.

View the icon PDF

Review of Vocational Education (August 2011)

Review of post-16 education and vocational training. Scottish Government news – 17 August 2011.

PDF version of review document (review led by Willy Roe). View online version.

Facing up to Facebook: A guide for FE and HE (August 2011)

JISC Legal have published guidance for colleges re the role of Facebook and social media.

PDF version: icon Facing up to Facebook  A guide to FE and HE  August 2011 (354.71 kB)

Social Media: A guide for researchers (June 2011)

icon Social Media  A guide for researchers (930.42 kB) – This guide has been produced by the International Centre for Guidance Studies, and aims to provide the information needed to make an informed decision about using social media and select from the vast range of tools that are available.

A Review of the National Occupational Standards for Youth Work (June 2011)

View further information in this icon Factsheet.

Launch of the Schools Toolkit (June 2011)

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Partnership (SCQFP) is launching a Schools Toolkit, for use by those delivering learning in schools and the broader learning community.

View The Schools Toolkit.

CPD Strategy for the Community, Learning and Development (March 2011)

Roddy Henry, HMIe attended the last PLDF meeting and provided a personal professional perspective on promoting learning cultures in colleges.  The CPD strategy for the Community Learning and Development (CLD) Sector in Scotland provides an overview of this concept in CLD as part of the Continuing Professional Development Strategy.

Collaborate to compete (January 2011)

'Collaborate to compete - seizing the opportunity of online learning'
Report to HEFCE by the Online Learning Task Force January 2011 – view as PDF.
JISC news – Online learning needs a strategy (27 January 2011).

HMIE Annual Report to SFC (January 2011)

icon HMIE Annual Report to SFC (404.44 kB) – Annual report to SFC on the findings of HMIE evaluative activity in Scotland’s colleges during the period 1 August 2009–31 July 2010.

Professional Development Awards Annual Review 2009 – 2010

icon PDA Annual Review 2009  2010 (525.79 kB)

HMIE Annual Report to SFC

icon HMIE Annual Report to SFC (404.44 kB) – Annual report to SFC on the findings of HMIE evaluative activity in Scotland’s colleges during the period 1 August 2009 – 31 July 2010.

Teaching Scotland's Future (December 2010)

Report setting out the findings of the review of Teacher Education – Graham Donaldson, Scottish Government

National Occupational Standards Explained

icon National Occupational Standards Explained (112.35 kB)

MCMC Toolkit (October 2010)

The MCMC Toolkit is intended to support colleges in identifying, sharing and developing effective practice in relation to the MCMC agenda.

Hospitality and Tourism HMIe Aspect Report (October 2010)

HMIe Aspect Report Hospitality and Tourism in Scotland's colleges

HMIe Aspect Report MCMC (October 2010)

HMIe Aspect report on the provision in Scotland's colleges for young people requiring more choices and more chances

Literacy Action Plan (October 2010)

Literacy Action Plan – An Action Plan to Improve Literacy in Scotland – Scottish Government

Initial Teacher Education (September 2010)

Report on the Aspect Review of Initial Teacher Education (September 2010) - HMIe

Review Of Teacher Education in Scotland (June 2010)

The Royal Society of Edinburgh – Graham Donaldson's Review of Teacher Education in Scotland.

Learning for Change (May 2010)

Learning for Change: Scotland's Action Plan for the Second Half of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development – The Scottish Government (May 2010)

Curriculum for Excellence

Report on TQFE Survey Results (April 2010)

The Scottish Government – The Teaching Qualification (Further Education) Candidate Satisfaction Survey 2009: Report of Findings.

Publications LSN

All you ever wanted to know about learning and teaching but were too cool to ask: Frank Coffield (2009)

Just suppose teaching and learning became the first priority: Frank Coffield (2008)

Teaching Resources for PDA and Unit Delivery

Attached below are nationally commissioned materials to support delivery of the following Professional Development Awards:

These core versions of materials have been made available in CD format to staff development officers in all colleges, and are also available on SQA's website. The supporting assessment exemplars are additionally held on the secure area of the SQA website.

Professional Development Awards Annual Review 2008–2009

icon PDA Annual Review 2008–2009 (182.53 kB)

PDAs - Standards for PDA Diagram

The professional standards consist of initial standards for underpinning Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programmes plus a suite of standards for the continuing professional development (CPD) of lecturers. The development of the standards into qualifications is shown in the icon PDA Diagram (48.09 kB).  

Professional Standards coverProfessional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges

In June 2006, ETLLD published the icon Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges (690.19 kB). This replaced the National Guidelines document, published in 1997.

The Need for a Professional Body for Staff in Scotland's Colleges

Between September and December 2004, a consultation was held on the question of 'The Need for a Professional Body for Staff in Scotland’s Colleges'. View the icon Analysis of Responses (727.72 kB) to this consultation.

Review of the Delivery of PDAs and PDUs

Each year the PLDF Scotland undertakes a review of the delivery of PDAs and PDUs by approved college providers. To help these colleges benchmark their performance, a slightly abridged version of the  icon Review report for 2007/2008 (226.76 kB).